Key Locations in Commercial Real Estate Investing

Key Locations in Commercial Real Estate Investing

March 23, 2020

Everyone knows that location is key when it comes to commercial property investment. But what most real estate investors don’t know is what defines a location as a high-growth market. These typically have three things in common: affordability, job growth, and population growth. When you find a market that has all three of these factors, your investment opportunities will only expand.

Gateway cities such as New York and San Francisco are slowly diminishing. High rents and increasing costs of living, coupled with aging and overstretched infrastructure have presented significant challenges for residents and urban development industry. This has triggered a migration as employers -- ranging from JPMorgan and AllianceBernstein to Bechtel and McKesson -- have either relocated out of these cities altogether or plan to move a considerable portion of their workforces to lower-cost, high-growth markets.

We Look for High Growth Urban Development

These high-growth markets tend to be in “eighteen-hour” cities, including Austin, Dallas, Denver, Nashville, Phoenix, and many others. These cities have benefited as the challenges affecting gateway cities become more acute. But the most appealing high-growth markets stand out because they’re affordable, business-friendly, and offer a better quality of life. Weather also plays a huge role, which reflects the steady migration to Sunbelt cities such as Dallas, Tampa, and Phoenix. These three cities’ populations have grown significantly in the last decade. Since 2010, Dallas gained over 1.3M residents and is projected to see the biggest population surge in the U.S. through 2029. And as the population rises, commercial real estate investing spreads and creates a prime market for growth.

Humphreys Capital’s Commercial Investment and Development Focus

Humphrey’s Capital wants to help you invest in prime market real estate. We’re a commercial real estate firm that targets high-growth sub-markets in secondary metropolitan areas. We focus on dynamic cities with diverse growth across the Southeastern and Southwestern United States. Our relationship with development partners ensures we have first pick when it comes to profitable keystone properties. Our specialty is privately negotiating off-market, mid-size deals of institutional quality. We avoid locations with high costs of living and instead focus on cities exhibiting dynamic, diverse growth.

Let us help you invest in a low-cost, high-growth location, so you can watch your equity grow.