Humphreys Real Estate Income Fund ("HREIF") Raises $70 Million

Humphreys Real Estate Income Fund ("HREIF") Raises $70 Million

May 17, 2021

OKLAHOMA CITY (May 17, 2021) – Humphreys Capital, a leading real estate investment company headquartered in Oklahoma City, today announced the completion of its 2021 equity offering. Over the past four months, the firm raised $70 million for Humphreys Real Estate Income Fund (“HREIF”), the firm’s open-ended flagship real estate fund which makes regular monthly distributions to investors. This year’s equity raise was 20% larger than in 2020, continuing a trend of increasing capital raises.

“In this season of economic recovery and expansion, we are maintaining sustained growth by focusing on consistent execution, stable income properties, and sourcing value-add and opportunistic real estate opportunities for our investors,” said Grant Humphreys, President of Humphreys Capital. “I tip my hat to our investor relations team who has worked incredibly hard over the past year to make HREIF a success. We also thank our partners and investors for their continued support.”

HREIF focuses on diversification across multifamily, industrial, office and retail sectors in high-growth cities across the Southeastern and Southwestern United States, including Denver, Dallas, and Raleigh. The fund has a portfolio of 72 properties across 15 states, valued at over $675 million. Investors in the fund have experienced a 13.5% net internal rate of return (IRR) since inception, with dividends declared annually and paid monthly.

Ben Stewart, Managing Director of Investor Relations for Humphreys Capital, said that although the 2021 income fund raise is fully funded, there are more opportunities coming.

“Our team is currently working behind the scenes to put together our next real estate growth fund, and we are excited to share details in the coming months,” Stewart said. “And then in January of 2022 we expect to re-open HREIF to new investment as we have done annually over the last several years. Our commitment to applying a principled approach to repeatable, scalable real estate investing remains as strong as ever.”

Past performance is not indicative of future results. The information provided is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice or a recommendation or solicitation of an offer to invest in any fund or security, including Humphreys Real Estate Income Fund (“the fund”).

There are a number of risks associated with real estate investing. In addition, there are a number of risks associated with investing in the fund, and those risks are outlined in the fund’s private placement memorandum which should be read carefully and used as the offering document for any consideration of an investment in the fund.

The fund’s net internal rate of return (“IRR”) is an annualized return calculated with the sum and timing of investors’ capital contributions and distributions to investors net of management fees, fund expenses, and manager’s return using a terminal value as of 3/31/2021.

HREIF distributions payable to investors are determined and approved by the Fund’s Board of Directors (the “Board”). Dividends, while pre-determined and communicated, are not guaranteed; the Board has discretion to reduce or cancel dividends based on economic conditions and other circumstances.